Monday, January 01, 2007

The Constitution Amendments

President Hosni Mubarak has submitted to the Parliament the amendments for our constitution. The Government's press is hailing this move as a breakthrough in Democracy for Egypt and trumpeting the amendments as a leap forward for Egypt's social and economic welfare.
The opposition is criticizing some of the amendments like the new Terrorism article, article 76 that was amended just one year ago.
The real problem in Egypt is not a constitution amendment or a problem with the law environment which is very disintegrated anyway, the real problem is that this regime does not have any respect to the constitution or any other laws and the judicial system has no independence.
Don't we have since 1971 (last major amendment of our constitution) in section 3 of our constitution concerning the freedom,rights and obligations of the citizens that personal freedoms and rights, homes, communications is sacred and doesn't this section organizes how the Government can arrest and prosecute its citizens. Do you believe that any of this is respected in Egypt? Of course not. When the interior Minister goes on TV and says that all communications of citizens is recorded and who ever is afraid of that has to refrain from using his mobile and Mashy he is still in his position! When we have more than 20,000 (the right number is unknown and the ministry of interior is dealing with this number as a national security issue) citizens who are in jails without prosecution for as long as 15 years.

Don't we have an arsenal of laws against corruption and misuse of power and it applied depending on loyalty to the regime and we are listed the 76th on the Transparency International list.

Don't we have traffic laws that nobody is respecting?
And the funny thing is with all the amendments that Mubarak presented to the Parliament, article 77 that states that our President can rule as long as he is alive is not included and by the way even if this article was amended it wouldn't have affected the current President (79 years old) who stated that he will rule Egypt as long as his heart is beating!

كفاية أ صلاح يرحمكم الله

التعديلات الدستورية التى أقترحها السيد الرئيس مؤخرا لن تعبر بنا الى المستقبل و لن ننطلق نحو الديموقراطية لسبب بسيط هو أن القضاء فى مصر ليس مستقلا و سيادة القانون معطلة. ترسانة القوانين المصرية و على رأسها الدستور المصرى أبو القوانين لا تحترم و تنفذ على حسب الهوى و الخاطرو مزاج النظام الحاكم.

الم ينص الدستور الحالى فى بابه الثالث المتعلق بالحريات و الحقوق و الواجبات على تحريم الأعتداء على الحريات الخاصة بالمواطنين و مساكنهم و مراسلاتهم و اتصالاتهم و تنظم كيفية احتجازهم أو توجيه الأتهامات لهم و ألا تتفق معى أن ما جاء بهذا الباب تم تعطيله من قبل النظام و الأن يسعى هذا النظام الى اضافة المدة 179 و التى سوف تحتوى على تشريع لقانون لمواجهة الأرهاب حتى يستمر التعطيل بنص الدستور بدلا من القوانين الأستثنائية سيئة السمعة.

الم ينص الدستور الحالى عاى أشتراكية الدولة و على ضرورة الحفاظ على القطاع العام و لم يحترم هذا النص أيضا و تم التحول الى أقتصاد السوق و تم التخلص من معظم القطاع العام.

أليس فى مصر قانون يحارب الفساد و الغلاء و ينظم المرور و مع ذلك غرقنا فى الفساد و استفحل الغلاء و عدم احترام قانون المرور فحدث و لا حرج!

أرجوكم و أتوسل اليكم بحق هذه الأيام المباركة أن تكفوا عن الأصلاح يرحمكم و يرحمنى الله!!!

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