Monday, October 17, 2005

Sharm El Sheikh Great Fence

These pictures where taken today October the 22nd, and it clearly shows the base of the fence without the iron bars (compare with the picture of Al Wafd below) which proves that the Governor is lying as he removed the bars in the last days to prove that this is not a fence and that this is only a barrier to prevent camels from passing the highway...

Finally, the Sharm El Sheikh Wall is in the news...I published this log in my photo log photoofanegyptian on 10/10/2005 and I sent it to many newspapers and friends. It was published today in Al Wafd in its front page.

For those who do not read Arabic, the narrow minded Governor of South Sinai decided to build a Wall (20 Km long, 1.5 m high) around Sharm to protect it from terrorists!!! Which will have a devastating effect on the locals!

My second post in photoofanegyptian was about the entrance of the Sharm El Sheikh Central Hospital which was written on it "Beware the entrance might collapse" and luckily it was published in Al Masry Al Youm last Friday in El Skoot Mamnou3!!!

And in the last 2 days this story was everywhere:

Dive Magazine
India Daily
Arutz Shiva
Gulf Daily
Times Online
Middle East Times


At 4:24 PM, February 01, 2014, Blogger Tom Watson said...

Looks interesting, ill be sure to check it out. Cheap property in Sharm-el-Sheikh


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