Friday, September 09, 2005

Why we Hate Mubarak?

This question is always posted these days in response to the demonstrations of Kefaya (Enough) or the criticism of the Regime of Mubarak in the opposition or independent Newspapers. The National (Govermentaly or Official) newspapers portrait the Movement of Kefaya, opposition, or independent and opposition newspapers as outlaws that exceeded all the red tape!!!

They repeatdly pose another question: In the last 24 years of Mubarak's rule you do not see any thing positive? and the answer is in the question and it is the same answer to both questions?

The 10 reasons why Egyptians hate Mubarak 2005?

1.The idea of one man in power for that long is a catastrophie for Egypt and any other nation (ie. Libya) and there are't any respectable nation on earth that would allow that.

2. Mubarak has ruled Egypt for the Last 24 years without end under the Emergency law.

3. The Succession of Mubarak's Son Gamal as the next president Despite repeated, emphatic, and official assertions to the contrary, all indications point to Gamal being groomed to succeed his father.

4. The political prisoners in Jails held without a trial that varies in numbers between 10000 political prisoners and 20000 political prisoners.

5. The corruption that is widespread in Egypt and the corrupted Government officials that Mubarak is turning a blind eye on (Youssef Wally, Safwat El Sheriff to name a few) and even reports on the corruption of his son Gamal Mubarak and his company MedInvest Ltd that bought some of Egypt's foreign Loans.

6. The mappets that we have inMagliss El Sha'ab (the congress) and Magliss El Shoura'a (the Senate) and the soap opera of the last constitution article 76 where phone calls from the president changed the opinions of the congressmen 360 degrees.

7. The interferenc of the state security in all aspects of life from the appointment of teaching assistants in the Universities to the appointment of Ministers and Governors and the crackdown on peacefull demonstrations.

8.The missuse of Sheikh Al Azhar and the Pope of the Copts for his support in the soap opera of the election without bearing in mind the catastophic consequences.

9. The Economic situation is putting a lot of pressure on Egyptians with prices skyrocketting, salaries on halt (or minmal raises, el min7a ya rayess) and unemployment desease is spreding.

10. The repeated lies of Mubarak and his government lost any new look its credibility...

The above is just some of the reasons that why Egyptians hate Mubarak and why that the consequences of the above will lead to a revolution in Egypt that started allready on the internet and in small in numbers demonstartion around Egypt but big in value.

I will publish a detailes articles on each of the above points.

What can we the people of Egypt do:

1. Join the demonstrations also there is a big price that we can pay for doing that but freedom is not granted from dictatorships, it is earned...

2. Voice your opinions in blogs and in any form you can.

3. Make blacklists of the "Doctors of Al Sultan", all the Technocrats that are supporting Mubaraks and voicing half of the truth to the people like Dr. Abdel Monim Said, Dr. Moustafa Al Fikky, Dr. Wahid Abdel Meguid and others... At least we will prevent others from joining.

4. Boycott the National (Kawmiaya) newspapers like Al Ahram, Akhbar, Al Gomhoriya and Rosa and if you miss the bullshit that this written in them you can always check them on the internet.

Hopefully Egypt is on the verge of change and I hope that the change will be peacefull!!!

and a short answer to my question above why we hate Mubarak 2005? Why Not!!!

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