Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Next Scenario!!!

The elections are gone and the usual "suspect" candidate won with a landslide victory...The people of Egypt are waiting from the New President to fullfill his promises and Egyptians do not have hopes that the promises will be fullfilled due to 24 years experience with Mubarak.
I can assure you that all these promises will be fullfilled and even surpassed and here is the plan:

After a year the administration armed with the national newspapers and the state owned TV will start the "See we told you" campaign, with emphasis on Mubarak opening "new" factories and interviews with common people saying that they can't believe that cash inflows and the propaganda continues untill the promises are fullfilled in the newspapers and TV. Remember the Toshka project, did you hear anything about it in Mubarak's Campaign???

The Doctors of Al Sultan will go on Al Jazeera and other Satelite channels to try to convince the intellectuals with unbelievable growth rates, that GDP skyrocketting and the high standard of living for Egyptians.

Sheikh Al Azhar and Pope Shenuda III will start a special prayer to thank god for his generosity for keeping Mubarak's in power and thank him for this prosperity that Egyptians are experiencing for the first time in history.

Sayed Rashed, the head of the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) will go on to say that he loves Mubarak more than his family and more even more than himself and he will go on saying that 7 Million workers do not know how to spend their salaries.

The vast majority of people agree that they do not feel all these changes and that there is something wrong with their brains!!!

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