Friday, October 07, 2005

Our Global Response

Why prices of everything are going up in Egypt? Why there is forgery in our elections? Why corruption is rampant in Egypt? How come that there is 20000 detainees without a trial in Egyptians jails? Why there are poor Egyptians who are eating from garbage cans? Why traffic accidents mortal rates are high? Why only 23% of the registered voters voted in the last elections? Why, why, why...

The packaged answer to all these questions posed by the opposition to the Egyptian Government is: it is a Global phenomenon. Prices are going up everywhere on the continent and Egypt is not an exception but they forget to tell us that the salaries in other countries are being adjusted to the rate of inflation.

The elections are forged everywhere in the world and just remember the Bush – Gore elections in 2000 but they do not tell us that this is a very limited incident and major steps where taken to avoid this in the future etc…

One of the problems of our Government and the so called intellectuals of our Government are saying part of the answer that appeals to them (Noss Lisan) and they think that Egyptians are stupid and that they believe them, no wonder the low turnout of the Presedential elections.

Don’t you like it when Fathy Sorour compares our Democracy and our constitution with the French constitution? Don’t you laugh when you hear Kamal El Shazly talks about fighting corruption?

How about the Mubarak’s last speech about Democracy a few days ago and how the next parliamentary elections will be clean and transparent while the Emergency law still intact, political prisoners are still abducted, voters lists are still in a mess!

And my Global response to what is happening in Egypt is that the end of Dictators is a Global phenomenon!!!


At 11:09 PM, October 08, 2005, Anonymous MaIDeN said...

Democracy is collective dictator ? What do you think ?

At 12:38 AM, October 09, 2005, Blogger ernesto esteves said...

Ahahah... that's it!!!

At 1:08 AM, October 12, 2005, Blogger Omni said...

I had no idea that things were so terrible in Egypt!! How awful that the nation that contained one of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world should treat its people so badly!! :-(

At 9:52 PM, January 19, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so ignorant to the facts about the democracies like the USA.
The corruptipon is worst than any where else in the world, the politicians steal money from the poorest of the poor, the election may not be rigged but the results are the same.
The only way thge poeple of any country will be free is by economical means,and the goverments have no say in that at all. Private companies have to create real jobs, not like the Naser era when everybody was employed by the government.


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