Friday, October 21, 2005

Status Quo Addicts...

Tata Tata....This is how Egypt is moving backwards... When I started my blog I decided to name it Egyptian hopes and I wanted to see the ray of light at the end of the tunnel...But browsing what I wrote so far and what is happening in Egypt in the last few months, I found out that the ray that I was seeing is a mirage and we are in total darkness and the only light that I am hoping for will come from a bloody revolution or a cruise missle!!!
Am I a pissimistic person? Not really, I have always considered myself an optimistic and happy person but the Status Quo addicts are glued to power and corruption. I was also shocked to see that 15 thousands angry persons where dispatched in Alexandria because of a stupid shamefull play compared to 70 persons in the Kefaya (Enough) movement march in Alexandria a few months ago!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Sharm El Sheikh Great Fence

These pictures where taken today October the 22nd, and it clearly shows the base of the fence without the iron bars (compare with the picture of Al Wafd below) which proves that the Governor is lying as he removed the bars in the last days to prove that this is not a fence and that this is only a barrier to prevent camels from passing the highway...

Finally, the Sharm El Sheikh Wall is in the news...I published this log in my photo log photoofanegyptian on 10/10/2005 and I sent it to many newspapers and friends. It was published today in Al Wafd in its front page.

For those who do not read Arabic, the narrow minded Governor of South Sinai decided to build a Wall (20 Km long, 1.5 m high) around Sharm to protect it from terrorists!!! Which will have a devastating effect on the locals!

My second post in photoofanegyptian was about the entrance of the Sharm El Sheikh Central Hospital which was written on it "Beware the entrance might collapse" and luckily it was published in Al Masry Al Youm last Friday in El Skoot Mamnou3!!!

And in the last 2 days this story was everywhere:

Dive Magazine
India Daily
Arutz Shiva
Gulf Daily
Times Online
Middle East Times

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Planning for a revolution

The "One Man Show" of Egyptians politics is coming to an end soon! The regime is insisting on a dramatic end. On the surface oppressed Egypt appears to be calm, the sails of this regime is thought to be well tuned to intercept the winds of change that are blowing from every direction, the Tsunami wave is approaching but with a closer look underneath the surface the hurricane is imminent.

After 24 years of anti-biotic and aspirin, the body (or the corps) is not responding to the same medications and the Doctors of the regime are gambling that it will works and the rationale behind their strategy that it always worked in the past and it will work in the future. They do not want to get a right diagnosis, they cannot believe that the body is viably sick.

In his last speech Mubarak said:" Because of this victory (October's victory) we (as in the Egyptian people) have moved from getting back our occupied land to the independence of our political life and to our national economy.. We have put in place the necessary institutional and legal framework for a democratic base.. and we built an advanced legal and information infrastructure that is required to any advanced economy..."!!

Last February when Mubarak stated that he is going to change article 76, Egyptians thought that the new imported drug will be effective and can relief a bit the symptoms of the sickness to soon find out that this is the same homegrown reform (New vision) that has no effectiveness.

When Mubarak stated in his election campaign that the "newer vision" will be implemented if Egyptians voted for him, some thought that the newer drug is the real deal but soon Egyptians figured out that it is again the same old tranquilizers!

The "newer vision" calls for nominating Youssef Wally, Kamal El Shazly, Ibrahim Soleiman, Fathy Sorour to the Parliament or in other words saying "TOZ Feekom" to Egyptians, adopting Gamal's new vision of extreme fanatic capitalism, implementing the same strategy of status quo and the deadly medicine of stabilizing the corps.

This is a recipe for a chaotic revolution and not a medicine to get Egyptians out the intensive care unit.

Egyptians are warming up for a revolution and the Regime is putting the final touches of their plan to start this revolution.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Our Global Response

Why prices of everything are going up in Egypt? Why there is forgery in our elections? Why corruption is rampant in Egypt? How come that there is 20000 detainees without a trial in Egyptians jails? Why there are poor Egyptians who are eating from garbage cans? Why traffic accidents mortal rates are high? Why only 23% of the registered voters voted in the last elections? Why, why, why...

The packaged answer to all these questions posed by the opposition to the Egyptian Government is: it is a Global phenomenon. Prices are going up everywhere on the continent and Egypt is not an exception but they forget to tell us that the salaries in other countries are being adjusted to the rate of inflation.

The elections are forged everywhere in the world and just remember the Bush – Gore elections in 2000 but they do not tell us that this is a very limited incident and major steps where taken to avoid this in the future etc…

One of the problems of our Government and the so called intellectuals of our Government are saying part of the answer that appeals to them (Noss Lisan) and they think that Egyptians are stupid and that they believe them, no wonder the low turnout of the Presedential elections.

Don’t you like it when Fathy Sorour compares our Democracy and our constitution with the French constitution? Don’t you laugh when you hear Kamal El Shazly talks about fighting corruption?

How about the Mubarak’s last speech about Democracy a few days ago and how the next parliamentary elections will be clean and transparent while the Emergency law still intact, political prisoners are still abducted, voters lists are still in a mess!

And my Global response to what is happening in Egypt is that the end of Dictators is a Global phenomenon!!!

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